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Remains of the day

Love amongst the rubbleRead more


The value of looking backwardsRead more

Shark wrangler

Riley Elliott at the sharp end of marine science... Read more

Stranded strangers

Whales in mass strandings are often not closely related... Read more

Putting your money where your mouth is

Your native language may dictate whether you retire in luxury or do so poor, obese and smoking... Read more

Some like it hot

As climate change alters the balance of life on Earth, some species will benefit... Read more

Crime & punishment

A nail-thin nick on the ridge of a silver police whistle marks the downfall of a dastardly gun-toting highwayman, and…Read more

Squeezed, not shaken

A claustrophobic goes caving... Read more

Wind in the Willows

Stressed trees yield more fuel... Read more

Butts for Birds

Birds are crafty nest-builders, making their homes from moss, mud, feathers, sticks, and cigarette butts... Read more
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