The Best of New Zealand Geographic

The Best of New Zealand Geographic
This multi-award-winning book sold out of the first print run so has been re-printed. The classic hardback book covers two decades of the best writing and photography to be published in the magazine as a collection for the first time. With chapters on New Zealand’s wildlife, society and geography there’s something in it for everyone.

New Zealand is an archaic and surprising archipelago; a land where alps run into plains, glaciers coexist with deserts, and rivers float on the surface of the sea - the habitat of parrots too heavy to fly, insects that grow to the size of rodents, and a bird that lays an egg a quarter its own weight. It is a territory of modest dimensions, but quite improbable contents.

For 20 years, New Zealand Geographic magazine has sought to capture this unique country in words and pictures, and to produce a defining record of our environment and society. Now from this awardwinning publication comes a stunning new book, sampling the finest stories and presented with the spectacular imagery for which New Zealand Geographic is famous.

Celebrating everything that makes our environment and culture unique, The Best of New Zealand Geographic is a collection of the career-best work of some of New Zealand’s finest writers and photographers, published over the past two decades in New Zealand Geographic magazine. Each focussing on an aspect of the heritage we cherish, the stories and images capture the diversity of New Zealand’s natural history, human endeavours and geography. From raptors to rodeo, penguins to parliament, the subjects presented here will intrigue and surprise readers.

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The Best of New Zealand Geographic reflects the vision of a magazine with a single ongoing quest: to reveal New Zealand to New Zealanders. Replete with more than 200 colour photographs, (many reproduced as full page and double-page spreads), the selection of more than 60 features spans New Zealand’s natural history [creatures of our oceans, earth and sky], human endeavours [from exploration to culture], and our geography [the places and people of our mainland and islands that make New Zealand unique]. Features have been chosen by the three editors of the magazine over the last 20 years — Kennedy Warne, Warren Judd and James Frankham — who agreed on the most riveting stories, and most compelling photographs presented to readers in the magazine’s past 100 issues.

Selecting which features should be included in this book has been a ‘brutal’ process, says current editor James Frankham. “Despite the tough editing decisions involved in selecting and excerpting the stories, it has been a pleasure to delve back into the vault. Much is owed to the contributors who not only excelled in the field, but have been generous in allowing their work to be republished in this book. They hold the mirror through which we look at ourselves and the land we inhabit.” Covering New Zealand’s natural history, human endeavours and geography, from our Antarctic dependency to the Pacific, The Best of New Zealand Geographic is a magnificent journey through an astonishing and surprising land. A salient reminder of the profound natural beauty of our country The Best of New Zealand Geographic is a must-have for anyone who appreciates the natural wonder of New Zealand.