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Living World

Resources for Students


  • Resurrection: Christchurch Moving On
    From the Hereford St bridge, Christchurch’s central business district is a scene of wanton violence and destruction. It is as though Titans have wrestled and stumbled among the buildings. Now, in the aftermath, traffic cones and steel safety fencing stand amid pooled water and polythene barrier tape hangs limply in… Read more


  • To Hell (And Back)
    One hundred years ago, as Robert Falcon Scott and his team fatefully hauled their sledges towards the… Read more
  • Hunting Utopia
    One hundred and fifty years ago, acclimatisation societies forever changed the nature of our nature, introducing exotic… Read more

Social Sciences

  • Time For Tea
    New Zealanders once consumed more tea per capita than any other nation in the world. A resurgence… Read more
  • Fields of Plenty
    Look closer. The straggling plants on the riverbank, the so-called weeds in the garden, the insect-eaten leaves… Read more